First, let me just say, thank you!

Your recent donation means that you understand how important it is to create a world where young people use music to amplify the power of their emotions to feel connected with one another.
Your support will lead to young people with stronger resilience, a greater sense of belonging and broader skills to be active in promoting equity in their communities. Our goal is to bring Amani Project to hundreds of thousands of young students in the next few years. Donors like you will help us reach our goal sooner. So, again, thank you!

Thanks to your support:

  • We have trained over 100 Amani Project mentors who help facilitate our more than 120 youth clubs globally.
  • By the end of 2019, there will be over 10,000 youth participating in Amani clubs worldwide.
  • In some communities, we are providing training for “opportunity youth,” a population often defined as young adults between 16-24 who aren’t in school or working formally. These young adults then go on to become paid mentors with Amani Project.

Donors like you really do make our program possible. You help us support our community-based partners and guarantee that we can offer our programs to young people and their families who otherwise could not afford these life-enhancing activities.

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Also, please don’t forget to check if your company participates in “Double the Donation” and will offer a match to your donation.

Again, thank you!
We love your support,
The Team at Amani Project

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