Make Music Day

PRESS RELEASE (PDF) | Children in Harmony’s Global #MakeMusicDay2023 Campaign Celebrated the Power of Music in Support of Youth Empowerment 


Learning empathy through art

THE ASIAN AGE  | Priyanka Chandani

The Amani Project which focuses on inculcating emotional intelligence and empathy in children through music will soon be coming to the city.

Palak Muchhal: Music made me empathetic towards others

MID-DAY  | Ians

Palak Muchhal spoke on music theory, music practice and its association with emotional intelligence as part the Amani India Project, which partnered with Yale Centre for Emotional Intelligence to weave their programme into music making curriculum.

Using music to teach life lessons

FLINT SIDE  | Micah Cotner

The group of Flint children sing out. The words are strong and meaningful, especially so since they wrote the song themselves.


An Introduction to Amani Project Clubs

A Closer Look at Our Train-the-Trainer Model