Children in Harmony is proud to serve youth worldwide through its flagship program, The Amani Project.

Our mission is to provide young people with the tools needed to make their voices heard. We accomplish this through music-making, emotional learning, and community engagement within youth-led programs. 

Our Vision

We believe that empowered individuals can help build a healthier, more just world. Our programs harness music to unleash the power of young people, no matter what their starting point. When they do, connections are forged between young people and their full potential, their peers, and ultimately their communities. Our work proves that even in challenging circumstances when young people have the emotional resources they need to thrive, they can be their own best agents for equity, social empathy, and structural change. 

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Social and Emotional Learning

We know there are a lot of Social Emotional Learning programs and opportunities for music instruction out there for young people — what we’ve done is create a curriculum that integrates the two together. Through our work, we’ve seen how the combined power of music-making and emotional learning has the ability to help young people understand and effectively communicate their emotions as well as develop the resilience and the skills needed to become action-takers and decision-makers in their communities.

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Creative Youth Development

Young people thrive when they have opportunities to maximize their creative potential. Research shows that creative youth development supports young people in developing the personal, social, and intellectual skills that are critical to success in life, school, and work. A growing movement is working to ensure that all young people have opportunities to benefit from creative youth development participation. Creative Youth Development (CYD) is a recent term for a longstanding theory of practice that integrates creative skill-building, inquiry, and expression with positive youth development principles, fueling young people’s imaginations and building critical learning and life skills.

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Our Team

Amani Project is a curriculum builder – but we’re so much more than just that. Our Team at the home office has over 78 years of (collective) experience in the fields of education, evaluation, international development, and yes, we were also the band geeks and theater kids.

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Our Toolkit

Our product (if we were an education start-up, you’d call it that) is much more than a curriculum. We’ve created an Ecosystem, a Toolkit, a Framework (whatever word helps you think about our work extending past a piece of paper) that is adaptable across countries, cultures, and partner organizations.

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Partner Organizations

Our Partner Organizations are key (musical pun intended). We’ve built a robust curriculum, but it’s our partners who are the real experts in how to make the strongest impact in their communities. We currently partner with organizations based in Colombia, India, Puerto Rico, South Africa, and Tanzania.