The world certainly feels topsy turvy right now. While things might feel scarier and more uncertain than ever before, Amani Project has spent years developing programs specifically to prepare young people to be more resilient in times like these.

Amani Project is a family of local organizations that teach young people 8-14 years old music-making and emotional intelligence through a do-it-yourself curriculum. But we don’t pretend like adults don’t get in on the fun and learn something too – we know it happens.

Our curriculum is organized by four levels that each have six activities. We’ll do the math for you: that’s 24 activities in total! Yes, it kind of works a little bit like a certain organization where girls sell cookies as a fundraiser and boys wear green uniforms.

What we want most is for young people to use music as a tool to create connections and celebrate their communities. Even if those things need to happen virtually, for now.

Please, Please Please: If access to the internet or restricted data usage make it difficult for you to download our activities, please email and we will send you a printed packet of our activities. We will attempt to make international deliveries too, if possible.

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Instruction Cards

What is this: Each illustration below is a downloadable activity from our Amani Project curriculum. The activities build on one another, so we recommend completing them in the order we’ve created. The activities are free, but as a nonprofit organization, we rely on your donations to keep us going. If you download a lesson, please consider making a donation to Amani Project.

How to use it: Our curriculum is designed to be completed in order. Each downloadable activity includes detailed objectives, rubrics, and instructions that an adult can facilitate with a younger person or an older student may be able to follow on their own. All the activities can be completed without purchasing additional materials. If you can, print out the “Badge Card” and “Badges” below. Each time you complete an activity you can paste or tape a badge onto your card. When you complete your Badge Card send a photo of your completed card to to receive a certificate of completion!


We’ve included here a few items you might need to use along with a particular instruction card.  The instruction card will let you know if you need to download a resource from this section to complete a certain activity.

Harmony Break Activities

What is this: Harmony Breaks are short songs and games that shift energy up or down, stretch, shake it out, or encourage breathing and calm.
How to use it: Use them as a standalone activity or you’ll see that some of the instruction cards reference the use of a Harmony Break to practice a certain skill or idea.

Harmony Breaks Guide Amani @ Home


We can see now more than ever the importance of music to connect us during times of crisis and the ability of music to be a strong healing force. This is exactly what we do at Amani Project. Amani Project combines music, do-it-yourself instrument-making, and social-emotional learning in clubs for young people ages 8-14. Our programs exist specifically to prepare young people to be more resilient during times like these, as well as how to make sense and contextualize their emotions with what’s happening in their local communities. We need your support to continue offering our programs and resources at no cost. We know that many of you are also experiencing economic upheaval in addition to this public health crisis, but please consider donating the money you might have used to see a movie or purchase a concert ticket or to visit a museum in the next few weeks.

Monthly Donation

♥ $3 / month
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One-Time Donation

Don’t want to make a monthly donation, no problem! We greatly appreciate a one-time donation in any amount!

Do you have a Donor Advised Fund (DAF)?

We love Donor Advised Funds, do you have one? Since we are a nonprofit, you can easily give to us through your DAF platform by searching for us by name “Amani Project” (we are the one registered in Los Angeles) or by our Tax ID number 81-3907959. For more information about how to use your DAF to donate to us, please contact


Don’t go! One more thing! Are you looking for activities for a younger crowd? Our partner organization Think Equal has an online curriculum created for ages 3-6 years old. It’s a great accompaniment to our Amani Project @ Home activities.